Here at F&S Master Air, we carry, sell, maintain, and service a lot of Rheem heating and cooling equipment. 

We’re big fans of Rheem’s product line—and for good reason. 

They’re one of the most well-known and established HVAC product manufacturers in the United States, and we believe in their products because through years of installing, servicing, maintaining, and using them ourselves—we’ve come to understand that they’re objectively quite good at designing HVAC equipment that stands the test of time. 

With that being said, a lot of people don’t know the full scale of what Rheem offers in terms of categories of heating and air products

So in this post, we’re going to walk you through the many different categories of professional residential Rheem products that you can buy, use, and install in your own home. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

1. Furnaces

Most people don’t realize this, but Rheem has nearly 100 years of experience building gas-fueled furnaces. And they’ve become a leader in advancing the technology of energy-efficient home heating. 

Today, they manufacture a wide range of propane and natural gas furnace models, which come with a variety of advanced features and are equipped with the latest in HVAC technology. 

2. Air Conditioners

By all accounts, Rheem could be considered a world leader in the manufacturing of top-quality, innovative air conditioning solutions

They carry a wide range of different types of air conditioning systems, each one uniquely suited to cooling a different type of home or residence—and each one uniquely suited to overcome the challenges associated with cooling a particular type of space. 

3. Cooling Coils

When it comes to the many different integral parts of an air conditioning and heating system, cooling coils are crucial because they absorb heat from the warm air, extract that heat, and help to cool the air inside the living space as a part of the air conditioning system. 

Sometimes, older air conditioning units require new cooling coils. 

And choosing the proper cooling coil for the job is important to the overall continued life expectancy of the unit. 

And in our experience, Rheem makes some of the very best cooling coils on the market today. 

4. Air Handlers

Air handlers, also often referred to as ‘blowers,’ contain the components required to move the air throughout your home. 

They generally operate with both your heating and cooling systems, and power the airflow throughout the residence to ensure that your cool (or warm) air is circulating effectively. 

Unfortunately, sometimes these units do break down. This is why installing a high-quality unit from a reputable manufacturer is really the primary key to avoiding issues in the future. 

And Rheem certainly manufactures a range of high-quality air handlers for residences of all sizes. 

5. Heat Pumps

Heat pumps basically provide a more energy-efficient alternative to traditional air conditioners and furnaces. They operate using heat transfer technology. They basically pull heat from the ‘cool’ space and push it into the warm space—which makes the cool space cooler and the warm space warmer. 

As such, they can be used to either heat or cool your home, and can be switched over with the push of a button. 

Rheem is actually a world leader in heat pump technology, especially for residential HVAC systems.

6. Mini-Splits

Rheem mini split units are basically compact, energy-efficient air conditioning and heating systems designed to strategically heat or cool a single room without the need for attic or basement-run ductwork or an evaporator unit. 

They can be used all year around, can be dynamically controlled to meet your individual needs, and best of all—they’re efficient, cost-effective, and all-around convenient as a smaller alternative to larger, more expensive HVAC installs. 


Obviously, this is just a broad overview of the different categories of some of the premier products that Rheem manufactures. 

Each category also contains several different products (or even classes of products) that can further help you to narrow down exactly what you need and are looking for. 

At the end of the day, it’s really all about quality and longevity. 

The very best HVAC systems are the ones that you never notice or think about—because they work so well, and operate so effectively that they just never get your attention. 

We here at F&S Master Air believe in making every HVAC system we install live up to this expectation—which is exactly why we tend to turn to Rheem for the key pieces of equipment required to make it happen.

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