Taking long, hot showers can be the perfect solution to sore muscles. It can also be a fantastic way to set yourself up for success at the beginning of a cold winter day. 

And sometimes, you just want to stand in the shower, reflect, and relax. 

Hot showers actually provide you with some essential health benefits. 

Plus, they’re great for stress relief and relaxation. 

All of this is wonderful—until you run out of hot water. 

Even worse—all of that Zen you managed to build beforehand may get quickly wiped away when you realize that your energy bill has gone through the roof. 

Indeed, in this modern day and age, there must be a solution to the curse of short-lived hot showers (and the high energy bills associated with them). 

Well, there is. 

It’s called the Rheem IKONIC

To put it simply, the Rheem IKONIC is basically a tankless water heater. 

But there’s also a lot more to it than that. 

Let’s dive into the facts. In this blog post, you’ll learn why the IKONIC is our favorite new tech for delivering the long showers you desire at a price that’s actually affordable. 

1. The Rheem IKONIC Definitely Delivers On Hot Water Needs

The concept of tankless water heaters isn’t necessarily new. 

In fact, different versions of them have been around for quite some time. 

In normal ‘tank’ water heaters, a heating element heats a tank full of water to the desired temperature. 

But once you run out of water, you need to wait for your water heater to heat up another tank. 

Thus, there’s a limit to the hot water supply you have at hand. Plus, when that water sits for a long time (and cools down), the heater needs to kick back in to reheat it. 

Thus, they’re just less efficient and cost you more. 

2. It’s Super Energy Efficient

Here’s where tankless water heaters (especially smart versions like the Rheem IKONIC) really kick in to provide you with extra efficiency and savings. 

With tankless water heaters, there’s no ‘tank’ of water that needs to heat up to supply you with hot water. 

Instead, your hot water line runs directly through the tankless water heater and heats water on demand. 

In other words, you get unlimited hot water. Plus, since the water heater won’t need to work to keep an entire tank of water hot at all hours of the day, you’ll end up with a more energy-efficient system in the long run. 

But this is especially true when you take into account that Rheem IKONIC boasts some pretty awesome smart features. 

3. The Rheem IKONIC Smart Features

The IKONIC boasts several smart features that truly make it a tankless water heater worth knowing about. 

First off, it’s an ENERGY STAR® certified, super high-efficiency unit. In fact, on average, it’s estimated that most households will save about $1,650 over the span of 15 years when you compare it to a typical residential 50-gallon water tank model. 

But Rheem even goes beyond this by giving you power over the unit with the Rheem EcoNet® app on your smartphone. 

This allows you to control things like:

  • The water temperature setting
  • Recirculation pump programming
  • Gas and water consumption data reports
  • Automatic service alerts sent right to your plumber
  • Altitude change settings
  • And more

The Rheem IKONIC also automatically recirculates water, which means that you’ll literally enjoy endless hot water on-demand, as long as the unit is working, without paying a bunch of extra energy costs. 

How Do You Know If The Rheem IKONIC Is Right For You?

Do you enjoy endless hot water?

Do you like lowering your energy bill?

Are you interested in swapping out that older, outdated tank water heater model and replacing it with something that’ll equip you with plenty of hot water for the future?

If so, then you’re probably a perfect candidate for the IKONIC. 


If you’re interested in learning more about this awesome product, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

We can advise you on whether it would work for your home, and we regularly install these systems in residences of all types and sizes.

Don’t put up with those old-fashioned tank water heaters when you can have a truly superior, modern hot water heating solution.