With winter approaching, it’s going to be time to get your HVAC system serviced—as soon as possible. 

You definitely want to check this essential to-do list item off of your list before the weather starts to get cold—for a number of reasons. 

Some people think to themselves:

“Eh, my system worked just fine last year. I’ll just call a technician if something goes wrong.” 

But while this is a common thought process amongst many homeowners, this kind of planning could ‘land you in the cold’ once the weather turns frigid. 

Here’s why. 

1. Winter HVAC Service Helps To Ensure Continued Safety

Whenever you’re dealing with any kind of home appliance issue, safety is always the first order of business. 

And an annual HVAC/furnace system service check is important for keeping your family safe. 

Here’s the thing:

A faulty or malfunctioning furnace can actually put you at risk—especially if it runs on natural gas, oil, or propane. 

For one, these furnaces create significant heat output—which can be a fire hazard if things aren’t functioning properly. 

But even beyond that, there are also the fumes to consider. 

Many heating units produce carbon monoxide as they burn their fuel to produce heat—and this is a deadly gas that can be very harmful if it isn’t vented properly. 

For best results, always have a technician out to check up on the safety of your unit before you crank it up for the winter—just to make sure that everything is safe, in order, and ready for the weather to change. 

2. Protect Your Warranty

Sometimes, manufacturers of certain furnaces and/or HVAC systems require you to perform an annual maintenance check in order for the warranty to remain valid. 

Of course, this varies with different makes and models. But if your furnace is on the ‘newer’ side, and/or if you’re interested in keeping that warranty valid and up-to-date—then you may want to consider booking that service appointment, just in case. 

3. Keep Your Furnace Working Properly

Safety and warranty concerns are definitely important. But let’s not forget about the number-one issue that furnaces were designed to help solve:

The cold! 

Your furnace was designed to keep you warm in cold weather. 

But guess what?

It’s not going to be able to do a very good job of that if you don’t keep it serviced and functioning properly. 

A furnace is a lot like any other type of device. 

They tend to work really well—until they don’t

But often, breakdowns can be prevented with routine maintenance. 

In fact–routine maintenance will almost always extend the life of your unit by a pretty serious margin. 

Some people worry about the cost of servicing their HVAC systems—especially when budgets are tight around the holiday season. 

But here’s the truth of it:

Getting your furnace serviced annually is a lot cheaper than buying a new system! 

So consider taking the leap, and scheduling that service call. 

It may be a bit of a ‘pain’ to have to deal with. But it’s definitely worthwhile! 

When To Schedule Your Annual HVAC Service Check

We always recommend scheduling two service checks each year. 

  • One in the spring, to check on your air conditioning system before you crank it up for the summer. 
  • And one in the fall, to check your furnace before the time comes to ‘fire it up’ for the winter. 

This is especially important if you’ve just moved into a new house (and haven’t yet had your HVAC system serviced), and/or if you skipped a year and are now getting ready to fire up your furnace to prepare for the cold winter months ahead. 


Now you know why it’s so important to service your HVAC/heating system as the weather begins to turn cold. 

Your safety, your system’s warranty, and your warmth are all at stake. 

If you’d like to check the price on a service check-up, or if you’d like to ask any questions about this process, please consider contacting us with your queries or concerns. 

We’d love to walk you through the process and make it as easy (and as straightforward) as possible.