When it comes to commercial HVAC, the stakes tend to get pretty high. 

Sure, there are plenty of massive corporations that don’t really need to think twice about spending a bunch of money on a commercial system package. 

However, here in the Ozarks, there are many small businesses that need professional, commercial-grade HVAC equipment. 

And unlike massive multinational corporations, the smaller, family-owned businesses in the Ozarks don’t have limitless cash and infinitely deep wallets to pull money from to invest in crucial commercial-grade HVAC equipment. 

Here at F&S Master Air,  we’ve put a lot of legwork into the search for the optimal commercial HVAC line for large, medium, and small businesses alike. 

The goal, of course, is to get the best bang for your buck while limiting the potential for breakdowns and disaster as much as possible. 

And when we crunch the numbers, test the gear, and take a close look at exactly which brands and product lines truly stand the test of time—we keep coming back to the same tried, tested, and proven product line: 

Rheem Renaissance

No matter how you slice it, Rheem Renaissance continues to impress with its longevity, affordable pricing, world-class features, dependable quality, and relatively easy installation. 

So in this blog post, you’re going to get an overview of the primary reasons for why we continually recommend this product line for commercial HVAC installations and upgrades—especially for small, medium, or large-sized businesses right here in our own backyard. 

1. They Perform Exceptionally Well

The Rheem Rennaissance line of HVAC units are basically the result of literally years worth of research and development. 

They’ve been creatively engineered with a range of smart features to help them perform at the highest, most efficient level possible. 

Ask any HVAC technician or installer and they’ll basically tell you the same thing:

Rheem is an automatic go-to option when you need a dependable name brand with a track record that you can trust. 

2. They’re Dependable

Rheem Rennaissance commercial HVAC products are also designed for maximal uptime. 

They’re designed to be resilient, durable, and long-lasting. 

Each unit is assembled using high-quality components, and each unit goes through a range of Systems Extreme Environmental Tests to ensure that rigorous attention is paid to every detail, and that the highest quality standards are always met. 

3. Installation and Service Are Easier (Thus, Labor Is More Affordable)

Rheem has been around for long enough to know that installation costs are a big deal for some businesses. 

Even if the units are priced affordably, if installation costs are too high, the price tag just won’t work on the marketplace. 

This is partly why the Rheem Rennaissance units were designed with easier installation in mind. 

Their improved footprint makes them fast to install. You can literally drop in the replacement unit without the need for a new curb adapter—and that’s just the beginning of this equipment line’s improvements. 

Serviceability is also always a major concern with HVAC units. 

And Rheem also thought of this with their commercial Rennaissance line, with built-in features that help to facilitate fast troubleshooting and easy access to critical components.

This helps to reduce both labor costs and downtime. 

4. They Offer Unit Packages For Businesses Of All Different Sizes

Rheem basically offers commercial units through their Rennaissance line in 3 to 25-ton packages. 

This includes Air Conditioners, Gas Electric Units, and Heat Pumps. 

5. They’re Sustainable

Rheem is committed to sustainability. In fact, they have a number of sustainability goals that they intend to reach by 2025, including:

  • Reducing their own greenhouse gas emissions footprint by 50%
  • Achieving zero waste to landfills in their global manufacturing operations
  • Training 250,000 plumbers, contractors, and key influencers on sustainable products or sustainable installing and recycling best practices
  • And more!

Simply put—if sustainability is important to you, then Rheem should absolutely be a top contender for your business—as they take their green initiatives very seriously. 

And in our eyes, this is a good thing—not only for our planet, but also for our local community, environment, and ecosystem. 


Now you know why we here at F&S Master Air generally recommend Rheem Rennaisance products for commercial HVAC installations. 

We love these products, and believe that they’re a great fit for most of our customers here in the Ozarks. 

Of course, if you have any questions about installing a commercial-grade HVAC system for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

We’d love to answer your questions and help you with each step of the process.

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